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Medicine is constantly changing. Here at Marysville Physical Therapy, we strive to keep up on medical advances in orthopedics and rehabilitation. On this page, we will try to keep you current on information pertinent to common injuries, how to prevent them, and other stories that might interest you. If you have a topic you'd like us to investigate, shoot us a request. Please keep in mind, we can't answer questions on specific patients.

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Physical therapy as good as surgery and less risky for one type of lower back pain

Harvard Health Publications

One type of lower back pain, called lumbar spinal stenosis, is sometimes treated with surgery. But physical therapy works just as well, and comes with fewer unwanted complications — some of them life-threatening — than surgery, according to a study published recently in Annals of Internal Medicine.

To read more, click here.

Physical Therapy As Effective As Surgery for (Non-Traumatic) Rotator Cuff Tears


A recent study from Finland asserts that when it comes to treatment of nontraumatic rotator cuff tears, physical therapy alone produces results equal to those produced by arthroscopic surgery and open surgical repair. According to the study's authors, follow-ups of 167 shoulders treated show that "conservative treatment should be considered as the primary treatment for this condition." To read the full article click here.

Sorry, this article is written a bit technically, but in layman's terms, if you have a rotator cuff tear without a specific injury that you can identify and you're approaching 55 years or older, you might discuss with your physician trying physical therapy before trying surgery.

Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic is real. Opioids are a classification of drugs. Some opioids -- such as codeine, fentanyl,hydrocodone, hydrocodone/acetaminophen (Vicodin, Lorcet), hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), methodone, morphine, oxycodone (OxyContin), and percocet -- are legal when prescribed by a physician. These legal drugs are used to treat pain, but can lead to heroin abuse (click here). In fact, about half of heroin users started by using prescription medications. This has led to thousands of addictions and deaths (click here).

The good news is that physical therapy can help treat pain without the dangers of medications. For more information on when to choose PT vs medications, click here.

Study Finds Common Knee Surgery No Better Than Placebo

Baylor College Of Medicine

Patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who underwent placebo arthroscopic surgery were just as likely to report pain relief as those who received the real procedure. To read the whole story, click here.

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Don't Mask the Pain with Opioids

Starting a New Exercise Routine

Starting a New Exercise Routine

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